Friday, April 24, 2015

Make Money Online with PublicityClerks Ads By IT TUTS

Make Money Online with PublicityClerks Ads. As you know that in now a daysit tuts 2015 is going is teach you each and every topic which is related to earn money Online. For this in the previous some posts we provide you lots of tutorials about earn money online and now today we are going to talk aboutPublicityClerks. This is best and also very easy to use for earn money from blog or website .I want to sayyou that those my friends who have copyrighted content on their website does not apply for this because one of the special requirement for this platform is that you have your own unique content not the copyrighted of others.

Requirements To Apply for PublicityClerks.

The requirements to apply for this platform are less as compared to Google Adsense and Buy sell ads. It can approves yours website if you have a little bit but unique content and also little bit daily traffic. Some of the things which are necessary for PublicityClerks are as follows.
  • You Need a top level domain (TLD) name  eg .com ,.net ,.org.
  • Your website must be in English language.
  • You have some posts on yours website.
  • Yours website can gain more than 5000 impressions per month.
  • There is no Porn ,Hacking, games and software on website.
So friends if yours website match the above five requirements then yours can get Approvel very easily on yours website.

How to With Draw Money from PublicityClerks.

You can withdraw your earned money from pc with three methouds which are as follows.
  • With Draw Money with Visa card
  • With Draw Money with Master card
  • With Draw Money with Paypal
  • With Draw Money with check.
Friends if you have if confusion about this topic please use the comment box below or watch the video tutorial for learning these all steps in Urdu.

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