Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 blogging tips for the beginner By IT TUTS

  • While many think that blogging is an easy thing to do, there are others who are looking to understand the nitty-gritties of the process. They want to do it right and understand their trick to success. There are others who are trying and cannot really understand what they need to do. Here are a few tips which are going to help you out when you blog:

  • Get ideas from your audience:
    • Your readers are the best judge of what they would like. You will have to examine what kind of readers you are attracting and cater to them. This is going to make sure that you have some consistent readers to your blog.
      1. Understand the audience:
      This is another important part of blogging. You will have to understand the audience that you are catering to and make sure that you do not give them irrelevant content to read. This is going to disinterest them and also reduce your readership.
      1. Build an e-mail list:
      Just having a blog up on the Internet is not enough to have consistent and growing readers. You will have to notify the readers about the presence of your blog and also the updates that you make to it. This is why you need to create and utilize an e-mail list where you can tell the people that you have just updated your blog.
      1. Build a call to action:
      Most people are not going to bother finding your details on Twitter or even subscribing. It is like they are blind to the sidebars because of the ads that the blog is supporting. You will have to make sure that you end each of your posts with a call-to-action line which is going to bring the people back to the blog easily.
      1. Give stuff away:
      You need to make sure that you are giving the readers content that is going to add value to their lives, free of cost. It could just be advice, or even material that they can sign up for. They are going to love and adore you for a long time after.
      1. Regular blogging is the key:
      When you blog, you are not the only one who does so. You will have to see to it that your readers do not forget you, or do not have to wait too long to hear from you. Make sure that you are consistent and blog on a regular basis for the readers.
      1. It takes time for a blog to grow, give it time:
      Almost every blog that is started has taken its time to grow and become what it is today. You will see that there are blogs which make a lot of money. You can make the same too, but you will have to consistently work towards it and also understand that it is not going to have overnight.
      1. Catchy titles:
      This is something that not many people understand. You will have to make sure that the headlines and titles that you use are the first impression of the blog. If that manages to gain the attention of a reader, then half your job is done.

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