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BEST 3 blog montizing ways by IT TUTS

 Using blogs to make cash was not very well liked method until four or five years before, when the number of blogs begun to increase exponentially. A blog in short is a website where one has the flexibility to share everything that arrives to his mind. The word blog itself derives from world wide world wide web and log. As of now there are pretty much two types of blogs - personal blogs, which are to announce family members or associates about diverse events and undertakings. 

The second kind of blogs are the ones we are going to concentrate on with this item - the enterprise blogs. They are solely utilised to profit from their author cash. So many persons are leaping into blogging, since it is a source of the so called residual earnings. This means that after certain time span of hard work and efforts, the blog will extend to make cash on autopilot.

conversing about making cash through blogging is one believe and actually earning certain thing is entire allotment distinct. There are diverse advances and monetization forms. Some of them can be rather effective, while other ones might turn out to make close to nothing. This counts on a lot of components, so endeavoring as much as you can on your own is the only way to glimpse what works for you the best. With the next couple of paragraphs I would like to insert you to 3 monetization methods, which in my attitude are the best accessible out there.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the best possible ways to monetize a website. The method involves selecting specific product, which is relevant to your blog's content and promoting it by adding reviews about it and lending links where appropriate. The product can be pretty much everything, but if you're offering information on marketing subjects, I would advice you to try your luck with e-books. Those sell quite well, as they are affordable and provide unique and in most cases useful information. So each time when someone decides to buy the product, you earn a commission (in most cases 50-70% of the product's actual price). The best place for beginning affiliate marketers is ClickBank.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is one of the widest used monetization programs and there are not many who haven't heard at least once something about it. The concept is quite simple - using number of various algorithms, AdSense places relevant ads on your site's sidebar. When someone cares to click on an ad you earn. Sometimes you may get as much as one dollar, while other times as low as one cent. This depends on a lot of factors, such as your site popularity, the time you're using AdSense, the site's topic and the advertisements themselves. There's also the option to earn from impressions - again the payment rates can vary and you get paid per 1000 impressions.

Selling Ad Space
Although that one can prove very beneficial, it is geared towards the more established websites. If you are getting decent amount of readers, the chances are that there will be companies who'll offer you a monthly fee in order to place their websites on your main page. The bigger part of blogs I have come up charge around 15-20$ a month. You decide how much ads to put - the more you add, the higher the revenue you'll earn, but keep in mind that visitors would prefer a cleaner look and if the whole sidebar is full of ads, you might get readers scared away.

Of course that is just a portion of the monetization techniques available, but I believe that those are just enough for beginners.


If we read an article about blogger tips and tricks we have feel free and That is easy but Blogging is sometime it being panic and we lose interest with time. So this time absolutely we need a interesting motivation to continue putting our efforts to get success in blogging. I have try in every article to reader can having fun and joy and make money with blogger blogs.

to day i'm share some basic tips with my great readers for easeily keep you motivating in your blogger blogs or websites career.

If You are a beginner and started your blog with 0 readers. Surely it’ll be not soft to you to continue writing for your blog when no one is there to read it. Don't worry, this is same for all. You need results that will encourage you for putting your best efforts to make your blog successful.

1. Its not Soft

I tell you readers blogging is fun, but you need to work through the tough times because it is not a soft its very hard.. First few months will look like that you are writing for no one. You need to struggle to build your readership.  Just kept your goals in mind, why you started blogging and keep moving without giving up.

2. Make Followers

There are thousands of blogs online but why people will follow you and your blog? You need to be yourself. Express yourself while writing for your blog. Share your personal experiences, write conversational articles and keep your visitors happy. It will touch their hearts and they will love to follow you.

3. Simply Appreciate With Bloggers

What will be the happiest moment other than getting first comment on a brand new blog. Readers’ comments encourage bloggers to keep providing useful stuff. You need to praise other’s work to get flood of comments on your articles. Read others’ blogs, leave comments and share their articles. They will surely do the same for you. It will not only increase your blog’s awareness in the blog-o-sphere but you’ll get in touch with influential bloggers also.

4. Famous Your Blog

I always said that the better you promote, the more readers you will get. Don’t just sit relax after hitting the publish button. Be a killer promoter and do your best to reach your articles to the right audience. Share your articles as much as you can and you’ll get flood of new readers. You can make use of these Top 4 Non-Nonsense places to share your blog posts.

5. Get in Touch With Existing Readers

To grow your blog’s readership, you always need more and more new readers to land on your blog. But just don’t forget your existing readers. Get in touch with them, respond to their comments and provide them worth. Start building your email list and offer them freebies and useful content. They will more like to add your blog in their favorite blogs list.

6. Earn, Invest and Grow

Making first dollar out of the blog is the best encourage for a blogger. You need to start making money to keep yourself motivated. Keep your eyes glued to every possible way to make money from your blog. Look at the successful blogs in your niche and try to follow their strategies. There are many ways available today to earn online from a blog. You can make use of Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or provide your own services to your readers. The only goal is making money from your blog. Because it will always keep you motivated towards blogging.

Once you start earning well, look at the places to improve your blog. Invest some money for your blog’s improvement like purchasing important plugins and a well optimized theme etc. It will help you to keep growing towards the success.

Make money from your blog by IT TUTS

Do you have a blog? and Are you thinking I monetize? Me too, which is why I plan to create a list of the different ways of monetization for blogs. That is, I will share some techniques that will serve you for some extra income with your blog.

As much has been written about how to monetize a blog, and I want to run away from the typical post with links and recommendations of many affiliate websites and other products.

I have chosen to create an informal list of the coolest, original and alternative options to monetize your blog without selling your soul blogger.

That means selling my soul blogger? Uff .. that's too long to explain now, but in a nutshell becomes: "Sell, advertise or recommend any product on your blog, without knowing and without any issue regarding your blog, just for a measly%." Eye is a totally personal opinion, everyone is free to do with your blog what you want, but this is my opinion. "Monetizing yes, but not at any price."

In fact, I totally agree with the ideas exposed Saifullah in his post: "A blog is not monetized, is valued" at all recommended. That said step to be some requirements and / or tips to get the most out of your blog.

Monetize your blog by selling your services:

Before you sell you must "earn the dorsal": If you want to sell your services through blogging, first of all, you must create a brand, create content, add value to the reader and gain their credibility, then offer your services in a professional manner. For that you must invest in your blog and your readers. If you want your readers helping and contributing to your community, it will be easier to sell your services through the blog.

Refine and define your product or service: No matter the type of blogger you are and the topic on which to write, sure you can offer some kind of specialized service. Whichever the service, must be well defined and clear to the reader or client, ie it knows perfectly what service you offer? How much money cost you? What differentiates you from the rest? and why should I hire your services? I recommend creating a document "type flyer" with your services, prices, and other conditions. Make sure you give all the information necessary for the client to offer your services. Much clearer and more concise attachment is easy conversion.

Promote your services: Once you've thought of and defined the services you can offer to monetize your blog, you should think about promoting them and have come to many ears. How to promote your services?

Creates a "Services" on your blog, it can be a section over your blog, a slider, a link in the sidebar that leads to an internal page, or even a landing page external to your blog to serve as a web service professional, the way you choose it, but this section to include your readers know what services you offer and can hire or inquire about them.

Design and "broadcast on other blogs" corporate banners, linking to the "Services" section of your blog, you can ask other blogger with related topics, make a banner exchange.

Offer your services to readers who may have questions and questions on the topics you treat in your blog. If from your blog, you provide support to your readers and customers because of way you can offer your professional services even offer a reduced rate for being regular readers or something. Put Imagination is key when selling your services.

Search and solve to promote your services, if you look, there are thousands of posts, posts, reviews, opinions and doubts in the network of potential customers waiting to receive a recommendation, clarification or even are willing to hire your services. Just be careful and take the time to find those conversations month on the web, where you can give your opinion and offer your services step.

Other ways to monetize your blog through your content:

Create an ebook with advice and guidance on your topic. It is a very palatable format for the reader interested in your subject and also allows you to have a source of passive income with own product and quality, a fact that undoubtedly enhance the image of your brand.

Freelance writer how to write for other websites and blogs. Besides reportage some extra profit, will provide an opportunity to learn a lot, meet people, other working methods, you will experience new situations that serve to fuel your motivation and inspiration to continue creating content.

Creates and implements a button thanks to your posts. I do not remember where I read this idea, but I found innovative and close. There is more than a payment button or the like Pay-Pal, where the blogger is rewarded with a token donation plan: "I'll buy you a beer" with your post. Something fun and great blogger soul, share and appreciate a job well done. What better way to invite your readers you a beer? So you know, coming in )

These are some of the tips and advice you can follow to monetize your blog through your content and offering your services.

Monitize your website/blog for money by IT TUTS

Your blog Without Google AdSense?. I present Other Alternatives To monetize, advertise as good or very similar to the system Google AdSense: Infolinks, Kontera, Amazon, BuySellAds, Text Link Ads, Clicksor, Qadabra, Adversal, Chitika, They may be different but they work to make money website.

 As we see it is possible because there are other sources of income. "Sometime we can have our blog without monetizing and this divided to several reasons, among them may be non-approval by Google from our AdSense account or suspend it for any wrongdoing or error because they are very rigid with their policies and accept no violations or practices that are contrary or just the blog is not meant to be monetized with Google AdSense.

Other Ways to Monetize A Blog Or Website

1 - A very good alternative is to put ads for other companies that specialize in the subject, is the same system but more personalized where you will choose the ad to place on your blog and the payment is click and commissions per sale depending on the type Affiliate. It is best to combine several types of monetization systems thus if you have AdSense also includes other advertising campaign that choosing the best results.

2 - In addition you can monetize a blog to promote third-party products as an affiliate, some choose to ask for donations, if you are an expert on a topic in particular can offer paid subscriptions for users to obtain privileged information not available free elsewhere, it is necessary to be a true authority in your industry or niche.

3 - Selling your own products or services or publicizing local businesses or other businesses as the market niche in which you are working, I learned to Monetize My Blog Without Google AdSense, this is a matter of being creativos.las opportunities are but you have to dip them in the beginning will have to work harder, then passing the true best results with less effort and time.

Top 10 Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog or Website

Below I offer a set of equally good alternatives or at least similar to Google AdSense system. My opinion is that AdSense is the best, but you may well be because I have not tried other advertising. My intention is that if for some reason you do not like advertising Google AdSense or lost by bad practices, you have the opportunity to keep the money with your blog or website. Consider the alternatives:

Monetize With Chitika

Chitika is the most similar to AdSense advertising, lets you customize your ads and can be used with AdSense without any problem. Chitika pays through Paypal at least 10 dlls. According to users and data on the web, this is the best alternative to AdSense. Comments are to Chikita this far above other advertising networks.

Earn Money on Your Blog with Infolinks

Infolinks lets you earn money per click advertising through keywords of what you write is your blog, in a few words will automatically add a hyperlink. But be clear that this is not a program of CPR, and it is possible that initially cost you a bit of work to make profits. Infolinks In pay you via paypal from $ 0.50. From what I could research, this system is recommended for large sites that already have a good and stable level of traffic.

The Clicksor Contextual Advertising

Clicksor is an advertising network that allows you to ad text ads, contextual and emergent. With more than 150,000 pages of work Clicksor, became a good alternative to Google AdSense. Share up to 60% of revenue in terms of advertising (usually generate more pop-up ads) pay via check or Paypal with a minimum of $ 50.

Monetize With Text Link Ads

The Text Link Ads platform, will sell text ads in your website. The ad pricing varies between its Page Rank, Alexa Rank, traffic, social media and everything. The way to pay is via paypal and pay 50%. You must have a minimum of $ 25 in order to collect your winnings. The advantage of this and other platforms is that unlike Google Adsense after paying $ 100, this pay a very low limit.

Earn Money on Your Web Site With Amazon

Amazon as we all know, at least we're at it, is the biggest online store in the world, if your blog talk about products such as photographic loved, clothing, computers and so anything you can find in the store amazon, then this option would certainly be a good alternative.

The advantage is that amazon lets you put your articles and announcements for every purchase has been generated and the user has come from your blog, Amazon will pay a commission of 5 to 10%. I recommend it if you have good traffic and the aforementioned theme.

Monetize With Kontera

The other form of advertising or monetizing your blog, can be Kontera. It is also a text-based network add, very similar to "Infolinks" but also adds Pop-up ads. Like Google AdSense is a pay per clickthrough so rely on your CTR for you to profit.

Kontera is considered a good choice for blog or small web sites that still do not have a lot of traffic, excellent choice for those who just created your website, you pay through paypal and the best that either has an initial limit, from $ 0.50 your profits will be available to be able to collect

Generate Income With BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an option that allows you to sell advertising space on your website. Pay 75% of income generated, but you must have a high number of visits to your site interested in, otherwise never compared. Payments are done by paypal twice a month, with no initial limit. Good alternative to paying Google AdSense ma's, but if you have thousands of visitors.

Use Qadabra Advertising Network

Qadabra is very similar to AdSense system offers different ad sizes and have a choice of pop ads. Support international traffic with great rates, and pay by: paypal only must have at least 1 dollar.

Monetize Your Blog With Adversal

Adversal is a great alternative to AdSense, banners and have very good CTR is adapted to obtain the best results for your website. In addition they also have good image ads. This is the Ad network seems to work best for those looking for a replacement for Google AdSense. Another feature is that it works pretty well with other languages. Adversal requires a website with a minimum of 50,000 page views per month, also pay through PayPal.

There are other alternatives that could be mentioned, but we think these are the most recommended. My recommendation is that you are interested in any, to investigate a little more and that way you can make your best choice. Surely you can find negative comments speak scam, fraud, scams, fraud and the like, as they say about Google Adsense if you pay or do, etc.., But hundreds of thousands of bloggers they are using and good results.


After the site is created, the web - master, as a rule, begin to think about issues such as the monetization of the resource. The reason is understandable - any good website requires certain financial investments (for example, the same hosting and domain). It turns out that without a monetization project brings some losses, at the time, as it may - and should! - Bring a stable extra income on the Internet.

To date, ways to make money on the resource, there are a great many. Affiliate programs, selling links, sale of advertising sites, the use of contextual advertising or teaser ... With the right approach, each of these methods can be not only complementary, but even the main source of income. This article will be examined in more detail by means of a way of earning teaser advertising.

What is a teaser advertising?

To begin to understand what exactly is a teaser advertising. Most likely, more - less experienced web - masters are already familiar with this concept as an extra income on the Internet with the help of teaser ads, but new to this area I would like to clarify a bit - sure, they will discover a lot of new things.

If you try to explain in simple terms, the teaser ads (or otherwise known as "tizerka") is such a bright and visible image with flashy name, which aims to attract the attention of visitors (their possible clients). Typically, many ads are easy teaser erotic (in some cases, even pornographic) or "yellow", so to say, color.

Naturally, not every owner of more - less decent site agree to place in their ads, wearing similar shades. Despite the fact that to make money on such reklamku can not even very bad amount. Fortunately, today the Internet - the network can be easy to find a huge number of services teaser ads that have ads with erotic content either does not exist or they are easy to put a filter. So that the ethical side of the issue does not cause any discomfort - do not want on the pages of your site has been advertising with half-naked girls - simple - simply remove it from the list.

Teaser advertising opportunities

In general, the teaser advertising is huge capabilities - for example, among the web - masters Teasers are very popular used for domestic needs of the Internet - resource. The bottom line is that the web - master using these features, placing a special block of links that lead to the most interesting resource materials, choosing to teasers "sharp" catchy headlines and images.

Huge plus teasers internal deployment is considered that they are able to improve some behavioral factors, which are now quite a significant effect on promotion in search engines, as well as a time at which the usability of the site, when you place your own ads, becomes more enhanced. However, the disadvantage is that the creation of such teasers will take, for sure, a lot of time.

In addition, there are special teaser network, the essence of the work which is not reduced to advertising various goods and services, and to exchange traffic. We can say that these teasers than - that are similar to internal teaser, except that they will not appear on the resource, and the pages of other sites involved in the exchange of traffic.

Earnings on affiliate programs teaser networks

In addition, there teaser affiliate, the workings of which is to mediate between partners who are willing to buy traffic to their resources and partners who want to monetize the traffic that is generated on their resources and thus secure.

Just, thanks teaser affiliate and there is an opportunity to make extra money online on its website. That is, in fact, there is a sale of traffic (or, in other words, users of the resource) when redirecting visitors to the advertiser's site teaser advertising. To date, the teaser affiliate myriad, but all of them - you can still highlight some list of the most popular services, among which you can choose one or the other, the most appropriate to your site.

Teaser affiliate tend to vary in terms of reception sites (in most cases - a lower threshold of Internet traffic - resource); on the manner in which payment is made (for example, the number of impressions teasers or the number of transitions on them); the minimum amount and the method of its withdrawal from service teaser affiliate to your electronic purse (most often - a WebMoney); and, of course, the amount that actually do make money, using one or another affiliate.


It is difficult to list all the features that the Internet has brought to our lives: it is a means of communication and through many messengers, and the exchange of data, and a wonderful way purchase or sale of goods, and information field.

Internet is gaining more and more spheres of human activity, and it is not surprising that business over the Internet has now become accessible, natural and quite common.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn a World Wide Web, even without special skills and experience. This paid surveys and budget machines, and Forex, and file sharing, and a lot of other commercial and noncommercial methods. But we elaborate on writing articles, or, as it is called in the Internet on copy writing.

Business via the Internet on copy writing.

In fact, under the general title hides a range of copy writing services of writers who each owning at least one language at the secondary level, can realize through the world wide web. This range includes:

- Writing opinion articles for sale;

- Writing articles on a given topic with limited scope and style to order;

- Writing articles with keywords that need to be included in the text with a certain frequency, and in a certain sequence. This so-called SEO copy writing (from English Search engine optimization copy writing), aiming at the optimization of search engines and increase site traffic, for which the text is written;

- Modification of existing texts and bringing them beyond recognition - rewriting (from the English rewrite - revised text, analogue presentation, all of which we wrote in school). Rewriting is also associated with the optimization of search engines, which take into account the uniqueness of the text when calculating a rating of sites.

Uniqueness of the text is controlled by so-called anti pligram program that checks the text for quotations and reps from other sites. The high level of uniqueness is one of the main requirements to all the texts on the Internet.

What you need to earn at copy writing?

So, we decided on a range found in general terms what is it and why do we need copy writing. We now turn to how to do business over the Internet with copy writing. Simply put, how to earn a copy writing, without leaving home.

1. The first and indispensable condition is the availability of high-quality Internet connection. This will ensure efficiency, timely execution of orders and simplify the search for the necessary information base writing articles.

2. The second condition is guaranteed by the presence of free time. In fact, to earn about $ 300 a month will take at least 2-3 hours a day to devote to the creative process of creating new texts.

3. Language proficiency (preferably several, as it will significantly increase the chances to increase earnings) and a basic text editor such as possession of Microsoft Word, Excel or Vork.

Business via the Internet involves some financial transactions in the form of payment for written articles. Therefore, before you begin copy writing must acquire an electronic purse. In most cases it Web-money.

To do this, simply register on the site and open purse in one or more of the proposed monetary units. You can make a dollar and ruble accounts, it will expand the range of potential benefits to the customer and facilitate the process of wage copywriter. We need only consider that web money holds 0.8% of the convertible amount.

Search customer. The easiest way is to declare for the provision of services at any portal Free classified ads. However, the effectiveness of such a passive job search is not very large, because most customers prefer to work on so-called content exchanges, which are today an inexhaustible source of cheap labor copyright.

This article is itself a fulfillment of orders on the exchange of content. This SEO copy writing keyword. To test the obtained knowledge in this article and for fun.