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earn money from your website by IT TUTS

Internet accessibility for most people has opened tremendous opportunities. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you can easily communicate with friends or loved ones on the other end of the planet. The development of techniques and technologies will translate into reality what seemed impossible a few years ago.

Such rapid development of the Internet has given rise to a large number of new sites. Now not only the serious big companies have their own page on the Internet, but also small organizations, individual entrepreneurs and even ordinary people.

Very convenient to do business via the Internet

For this, there is no need to rent a room, you need only to have a computer with access to a global network that brings substantial savings.

Anyone with a website, blog, sooner or later comes up with the idea of how to make money on your own site. Post a reply to this question is the information presented in the article. Of course, to the site began to generate income, the owner must have some knowledge in this area.

First of all, you must decide what of yourself in the end will be of the site, because it depends on ways to profit.

Generally all the ways of earning can be combined into two large groups:

Sale of goods, works or services. It is assumed that the site posted the goods (works or services) and information about them. People will go to a particular page, or download Like it or order its delivery.

It also includes paid consultancy. It should be noted that it is not necessary to purchase large quantities of goods, and then engage in its implementation. Quite possibly mediate, and thus to find clients and receive a percentage of sales. If we are talking about products, costing thousands you can get very good income.

The second version of how to make money on your own site - advertising. A striking example of this way of earnings are all kinds of social networking, music portals or online libraries. The site is a large number of interesting and unique materials, a variety of video and music files. All this is done with one goal - to increase the influx of new users on the resource.

Certainly, the question arises, where does the profit in this case? The answer is simple: a source of income - paid advertising. The profit margin will depend on the site traffic. Each of us at least once clicked on the link, read the article on a particular resource. However, we did not buy anything, and the owner of the site from which the transition was made, received the money for it.

Summarizing what has been said above about the second way of earning on its own website, there are two sub-sections:

Redirecting traffic to a personal site on third party resources. This can be carried out through banners, affiliate programs, contextual advertising, and other tools. The mechanism is simple income. The site owner puts it on those or other promotional materials, and visitors clicking on them, come to the site of the advertiser.

Sales from the site links

The essence of it is pretty simple. Specialists who promote the optimization and Internet resources to buy a place on the site in the form of hyperlinks that direct users to their own website. This is done in order to promote resource has risen above a few positions in the issuance of a search engine.

Each site has its own figure of authority. Yandex measures its "thematic index of citing", and Google - "PageRank" (PR). Undoubtedly, much more efficient to use both ways at once.

To learn how to earn on your own site greatest profit is important to pay attention to the attendance of the resource. In that case, if the number of daily visitors about 1000, the most effective way to generate income will redirect the traffic.

If traffic to the site is in an area of 100 people a day or more, the effective way of earning - the combination redirect traffic and sales links. If the website looks a small amount of people, the most appropriate and perhaps the only way to monetize it for - implementation references. Profits from the sale of options depends on the performance of TIC and PR

The following discussion focuses on how to make money on your own site by placing advertisements. The most effective tools for this area is considered to be:

- Runner;

Google AdSense


The main advantage of such advertising - certainly a high level of profitability. Sometimes, it is possible to earn up to $ 3 from every 100 visitors. Besides, the contextual advertising does not irritate the users because it is a small text blocks with links to advertisers' websites.

For those sites that have a regular audience, good fits earnings with a banner network. In this case, the site owner receives income for the number of page views with banner placement. There is one drawback - the cost of the show is not high, so effectively sell in an amount of 100 thousand.

It should also say a few words about how you can earn on your own site through the sale of seats for reference. It's simple. If the site is indexed by the search engine Yandex and even has a TIC of 0, it can bring at least 200 rubles a month, and if the bit to try and increase the credibility of the figures, the profit instantly increase several times. Of course, 200 rubles - a small amount, however, it will be enough to pay for the domain and hosting.

It should be understood that not enough just to create a website and expect instant profit. To earn advertising and other instruments will have to work hard. It is important to conduct a number of activities to achieve the indexing of your site the major search engines to bring it to the first page, as a result, begin to appear references to the resource and increase the credibility of performance, and hence the expected income.

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