Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Make money online with Adhitz by IT TUTS

How to Make money online with Adhitz.?  Every man who is blogger wants to earn some money from his blog or website and Google Adsense is the best ads network to earn money .But unfortunately it have some strict policies if he found any spam activity on yours content then yours account is disabled .So friends for this we use the best Google Adsense alternatives. As in the previous some posts we provide you some tutorials about the best alternatives and now today we are going to learn adhitz.

How to Apply For Adhitz.

First of all friends open your browser and then go to .There are two options on the dashboard first is advertiser and second is publisher .Publishers are those peoples who take ads for website and advertiser are those peoples who give ads .You just want to do this that from the website owner and bloggers just click on Register .In this way a new dialog box opens enter yours all details in the dialog box like name ,email ,website URL and also your Paypal account or Payoneer account email and after all click on create account. In this way yours account has been created. Enjoy

How to earn money from Adhitz.

As in the previous paragraph i have teach you how to make adhitz account and now we are going to show you how to earn money from this .You can earn moneyfrom this with two methouds .First is just select money for the ads per day and second is just select pay per click .In the first methoud of earning if you have selected 1$ per day then you can earn 30$ per month .And in the second methoud yours earning depends upon the numbers of clicks.

How to Withdraw Money from AdHitz.

You can withdraw money from adhitz with two methouds first is Paypal and second is Payza .You can withdraw 25$ Minimum with the help of Paypal. And from Payza you can withdraw Minimum 50$. Taxs apply on these two methouds are same 1.50$. so friends earn money from adhitz withdraw money and enjoy.
I will hope that you will like my post .if you have any confusion about this topic please use the comment box below or watch the video tutorial.thanks for visiting it tuts 2015.

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