Friday, May 15, 2015

3 Things that are not a Blogroll by IT TUTS

According to Wikipedia, a blogroll is a collection of links Blogs shown on a website or blog. Now the sense that each can give to the term and the reasons that "you move" to take action to create your Blogroll, can be caused by many things ... I wondered for days was a blogroll, today we I will say that is not for me a blogroll:
3 Things that are not a Blogroll

1. A blogroll is NOT a link exchange are links to other sites that you put willingly.

2. A blogroll is NOT a simple list of links, are links to sites you like, you're, you read, you will, that may or may not show your same subject, and of course want to share with others.

3. A blogroll NOT a way to gain links is a way to show your affection, respect and / or admiration for other sites, without expecting anything in return.

For you, what is a Blogroll or should not be?

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