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After the site is created, the web - master, as a rule, begin to think about issues such as the monetization of the resource. The reason is understandable - any good website requires certain financial investments (for example, the same hosting and domain). It turns out that without a monetization project brings some losses, at the time, as it may - and should! - Bring a stable extra income on the Internet.

To date, ways to make money on the resource, there are a great many. Affiliate programs, selling links, sale of advertising sites, the use of contextual advertising or teaser ... With the right approach, each of these methods can be not only complementary, but even the main source of income. This article will be examined in more detail by means of a way of earning teaser advertising.

What is a teaser advertising?

To begin to understand what exactly is a teaser advertising. Most likely, more - less experienced web - masters are already familiar with this concept as an extra income on the Internet with the help of teaser ads, but new to this area I would like to clarify a bit - sure, they will discover a lot of new things.

If you try to explain in simple terms, the teaser ads (or otherwise known as "tizerka") is such a bright and visible image with flashy name, which aims to attract the attention of visitors (their possible clients). Typically, many ads are easy teaser erotic (in some cases, even pornographic) or "yellow", so to say, color.

Naturally, not every owner of more - less decent site agree to place in their ads, wearing similar shades. Despite the fact that to make money on such reklamku can not even very bad amount. Fortunately, today the Internet - the network can be easy to find a huge number of services teaser ads that have ads with erotic content either does not exist or they are easy to put a filter. So that the ethical side of the issue does not cause any discomfort - do not want on the pages of your site has been advertising with half-naked girls - simple - simply remove it from the list.

Teaser advertising opportunities

In general, the teaser advertising is huge capabilities - for example, among the web - masters Teasers are very popular used for domestic needs of the Internet - resource. The bottom line is that the web - master using these features, placing a special block of links that lead to the most interesting resource materials, choosing to teasers "sharp" catchy headlines and images.

Huge plus teasers internal deployment is considered that they are able to improve some behavioral factors, which are now quite a significant effect on promotion in search engines, as well as a time at which the usability of the site, when you place your own ads, becomes more enhanced. However, the disadvantage is that the creation of such teasers will take, for sure, a lot of time.

In addition, there are special teaser network, the essence of the work which is not reduced to advertising various goods and services, and to exchange traffic. We can say that these teasers than - that are similar to internal teaser, except that they will not appear on the resource, and the pages of other sites involved in the exchange of traffic.

Earnings on affiliate programs teaser networks

In addition, there teaser affiliate, the workings of which is to mediate between partners who are willing to buy traffic to their resources and partners who want to monetize the traffic that is generated on their resources and thus secure.

Just, thanks teaser affiliate and there is an opportunity to make extra money online on its website. That is, in fact, there is a sale of traffic (or, in other words, users of the resource) when redirecting visitors to the advertiser's site teaser advertising. To date, the teaser affiliate myriad, but all of them - you can still highlight some list of the most popular services, among which you can choose one or the other, the most appropriate to your site.

Teaser affiliate tend to vary in terms of reception sites (in most cases - a lower threshold of Internet traffic - resource); on the manner in which payment is made (for example, the number of impressions teasers or the number of transitions on them); the minimum amount and the method of its withdrawal from service teaser affiliate to your electronic purse (most often - a WebMoney); and, of course, the amount that actually do make money, using one or another affiliate.

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