Friday, May 15, 2015

Make money from your blog by IT TUTS

Do you have a blog? and Are you thinking I monetize? Me too, which is why I plan to create a list of the different ways of monetization for blogs. That is, I will share some techniques that will serve you for some extra income with your blog.

As much has been written about how to monetize a blog, and I want to run away from the typical post with links and recommendations of many affiliate websites and other products.

I have chosen to create an informal list of the coolest, original and alternative options to monetize your blog without selling your soul blogger.

That means selling my soul blogger? Uff .. that's too long to explain now, but in a nutshell becomes: "Sell, advertise or recommend any product on your blog, without knowing and without any issue regarding your blog, just for a measly%." Eye is a totally personal opinion, everyone is free to do with your blog what you want, but this is my opinion. "Monetizing yes, but not at any price."

In fact, I totally agree with the ideas exposed Saifullah in his post: "A blog is not monetized, is valued" at all recommended. That said step to be some requirements and / or tips to get the most out of your blog.

Monetize your blog by selling your services:

Before you sell you must "earn the dorsal": If you want to sell your services through blogging, first of all, you must create a brand, create content, add value to the reader and gain their credibility, then offer your services in a professional manner. For that you must invest in your blog and your readers. If you want your readers helping and contributing to your community, it will be easier to sell your services through the blog.

Refine and define your product or service: No matter the type of blogger you are and the topic on which to write, sure you can offer some kind of specialized service. Whichever the service, must be well defined and clear to the reader or client, ie it knows perfectly what service you offer? How much money cost you? What differentiates you from the rest? and why should I hire your services? I recommend creating a document "type flyer" with your services, prices, and other conditions. Make sure you give all the information necessary for the client to offer your services. Much clearer and more concise attachment is easy conversion.

Promote your services: Once you've thought of and defined the services you can offer to monetize your blog, you should think about promoting them and have come to many ears. How to promote your services?

Creates a "Services" on your blog, it can be a section over your blog, a slider, a link in the sidebar that leads to an internal page, or even a landing page external to your blog to serve as a web service professional, the way you choose it, but this section to include your readers know what services you offer and can hire or inquire about them.

Design and "broadcast on other blogs" corporate banners, linking to the "Services" section of your blog, you can ask other blogger with related topics, make a banner exchange.

Offer your services to readers who may have questions and questions on the topics you treat in your blog. If from your blog, you provide support to your readers and customers because of way you can offer your professional services even offer a reduced rate for being regular readers or something. Put Imagination is key when selling your services.

Search and solve to promote your services, if you look, there are thousands of posts, posts, reviews, opinions and doubts in the network of potential customers waiting to receive a recommendation, clarification or even are willing to hire your services. Just be careful and take the time to find those conversations month on the web, where you can give your opinion and offer your services step.

Other ways to monetize your blog through your content:

Create an ebook with advice and guidance on your topic. It is a very palatable format for the reader interested in your subject and also allows you to have a source of passive income with own product and quality, a fact that undoubtedly enhance the image of your brand.

Freelance writer how to write for other websites and blogs. Besides reportage some extra profit, will provide an opportunity to learn a lot, meet people, other working methods, you will experience new situations that serve to fuel your motivation and inspiration to continue creating content.

Creates and implements a button thanks to your posts. I do not remember where I read this idea, but I found innovative and close. There is more than a payment button or the like Pay-Pal, where the blogger is rewarded with a token donation plan: "I'll buy you a beer" with your post. Something fun and great blogger soul, share and appreciate a job well done. What better way to invite your readers you a beer? So you know, coming in )

These are some of the tips and advice you can follow to monetize your blog through your content and offering your services.

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