Friday, April 24, 2015

Best ways to Earn Money from Revenue Hits by IT TUTS

Hy friends today in this post I am going to teach you how we apply for Revenue hits from our blog or website and how to earn money from this website.It is a top best website  or platform form where you can earn lots of money .I think it is the best Pay per Click(ppc) website Now a days.This website was eatablish in 2008.the owner of this website is Myadwise.It is the  innovative ads Performance network for the peoples who want to earn lots of money or in other words peoples who want to become a publisher member of this is the best ads network with can accept or approves thewebsite having no top level domain and also you can apply for this with sub domain eg Blogspot.And also it is the best website for you if you want to earn money from yours games and softwares blog because Google Adsense cannot approves games and softwares blogs or website.This platform have no strict ploicies like google approves yours blog or website if you have a copyrighted content on if you want to earn money from yours blog or website having less number of daily visitors  and also less and copyrighted content on it.I think It is the Best Place for you.It is the short description of this Methoud hope you will enjoy this.

How to Apply for Revenue Hits.

You need one email adress and website or blog .Then go to google and typerevenue Hits or simply click on the link .Then form the top click on the publisher and then click on sign Up to Become a publisher.Enter yours website url category and description and then click on continue.then enter yours first name ,email and passward etc.And after all type yours Billing this way yous account has been maked.enjoy

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How to Insert Revenue Hits Ads on Blog or Website.

If yours revenue Hits account is approved then log in to yours account and then go to the tab “Placements”.Click on the new placement and the select yours ads.type the placement name and description and then click on save.then go to the placement you have been maked and copy the html code from yours placement.Now if you want the insert the ads on blogger then log in to yours blog and then go to layout and after all add new widget of Html and then copy the html code in it and save this way yours ads have been shown on yours website.for applying this on wordpress or joomla the methoud is same.enjoy

Which Types of Ads Revenue Hits Provides.

There are lots of ads which are provided.
  • Banner
  • Pop Under
  • SlideShow
  • Shadow Box
  • Top Banner
  • Buttons
  • Footer etc.
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