Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Earn Money From Infolinks by IT TUTS

How to earn Money from infolinks ?today I am going to teach you how to earn money with yours website or blog having no top level domain.friends as you know that Google Adsense is the best way to earn money from internet with yours Blog or website.But friends google adsense have some strict or hard policies and I also want to say you that earn money from Google adsense is not so easy.TLD domain and yours own content is necessary for google adsense.friends it is the very short introduction of google adsense now we comes to our todays topic infolinks.after google adsense infolinks is the best way to earn money from yours blog or website.Infolinks have no strict policies if you have a blog or website with no TLD domain and also you have a copyrighted content on yours blog infolinks can accept yours blog or website.also infolinks accept the blogs or websites which having less number of visitors and have less content.Google ansense cannot approve the blogs or websites of games,softwares and cracking.on the other hand infolinks can approve every type of blog or website and cannot care which type of website or blog is can easily apply for infolinks and also infolinks approve yours website or blog very easily.

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Requirements To Apply For  Infolinks.

Requirements of infolinks are very easy.just you have 40 to 50 posts on yours Blog or website.Wheather the posts are copyrighted or yours own post.and also you have small number of daily visitors and pageviews.if yours blog match the above requirements then Infolinks can easily Approve yours website or Blog.enjoy
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How to Apply for Infolinks.

We can easily apply for infolinks .just opens yours browser and go to www.infolinks .com.if you want to take ads for your website then click on publisher and then sign up for infolinks publisher program.Then first enter yours website or blog url,full name,email,passward and after this type the captcha and then click on join.infolinks review yours website or blog and if yours website or blog match the infolinks criteria .then infolinks approve yours website or blog .enjoy

How to Use Infolinks Ads On Blog or website.

After the approvel from infolinks .log in  to yours account and go to Integrate.the methoud for using ads on Blogger,drupal and joomla are same.if you want to use ads on blogger then copy the html code go to and login.after all go to template and then click on edit HTML.Click any where and then hold the CTRL key and press F .type </body> and hit enter.go to this tag and paste the HTML code above it and the click on save Template.Second methoud is to login in to blogger and then add widget of HTML.and then paste the following code and click on save.
Now How we can use these ads on WordPress.log in to yours account and then go to integrate and select wordpress .download the plugin and the go to wordpres dashboard and upload this plugin.After Uploading activate it .and enjoy
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How to Withdraw Money from Infolinks.

You can withdraw your earned Money very easily.just log in to yours account.and then click on the payment setting  and then choose yours withdraw methoud.there are three methouds for withdraw money from infolinks 1 is wire Transfer.2 is Payment Via payoneer prepaid Debit Card.3 is with western union.withdraw your earned Money and enjoy.

Further More Information.

You can withdraw yours money with in 45 days from infolinks.i think it is best for you to earn money from internet.i will hope that you will like my post .if you have any confusion with this topic please use the comment box below.and if you like my post please share it to yours friends.thanks for coming here.and visit for more information.

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