Friday, May 15, 2015


It is difficult to list all the features that the Internet has brought to our lives: it is a means of communication and through many messengers, and the exchange of data, and a wonderful way purchase or sale of goods, and information field.

Internet is gaining more and more spheres of human activity, and it is not surprising that business over the Internet has now become accessible, natural and quite common.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn a World Wide Web, even without special skills and experience. This paid surveys and budget machines, and Forex, and file sharing, and a lot of other commercial and noncommercial methods. But we elaborate on writing articles, or, as it is called in the Internet on copy writing.

Business via the Internet on copy writing.

In fact, under the general title hides a range of copy writing services of writers who each owning at least one language at the secondary level, can realize through the world wide web. This range includes:

- Writing opinion articles for sale;

- Writing articles on a given topic with limited scope and style to order;

- Writing articles with keywords that need to be included in the text with a certain frequency, and in a certain sequence. This so-called SEO copy writing (from English Search engine optimization copy writing), aiming at the optimization of search engines and increase site traffic, for which the text is written;

- Modification of existing texts and bringing them beyond recognition - rewriting (from the English rewrite - revised text, analogue presentation, all of which we wrote in school). Rewriting is also associated with the optimization of search engines, which take into account the uniqueness of the text when calculating a rating of sites.

Uniqueness of the text is controlled by so-called anti pligram program that checks the text for quotations and reps from other sites. The high level of uniqueness is one of the main requirements to all the texts on the Internet.

What you need to earn at copy writing?

So, we decided on a range found in general terms what is it and why do we need copy writing. We now turn to how to do business over the Internet with copy writing. Simply put, how to earn a copy writing, without leaving home.

1. The first and indispensable condition is the availability of high-quality Internet connection. This will ensure efficiency, timely execution of orders and simplify the search for the necessary information base writing articles.

2. The second condition is guaranteed by the presence of free time. In fact, to earn about $ 300 a month will take at least 2-3 hours a day to devote to the creative process of creating new texts.

3. Language proficiency (preferably several, as it will significantly increase the chances to increase earnings) and a basic text editor such as possession of Microsoft Word, Excel or Vork.

Business via the Internet involves some financial transactions in the form of payment for written articles. Therefore, before you begin copy writing must acquire an electronic purse. In most cases it Web-money.

To do this, simply register on the site and open purse in one or more of the proposed monetary units. You can make a dollar and ruble accounts, it will expand the range of potential benefits to the customer and facilitate the process of wage copywriter. We need only consider that web money holds 0.8% of the convertible amount.

Search customer. The easiest way is to declare for the provision of services at any portal Free classified ads. However, the effectiveness of such a passive job search is not very large, because most customers prefer to work on so-called content exchanges, which are today an inexhaustible source of cheap labor copyright.

This article is itself a fulfillment of orders on the exchange of content. This SEO copy writing keyword. To test the obtained knowledge in this article and for fun.

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