Friday, May 15, 2015

how to add google search in your blog by IT TUTS

There are different Templates which come with default search boxes, but there result is not as reliable as the users want. We have to do some extra work to make it beneficial for the users; it will also help you to increase the traffic of your Blog because if users see the benefit from your site, they will come again and again. We have to use Custom Search Engines to get this purpose. The Custom Google Search Engine is best in Customized Search Engines.

What is Google Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search Engine provides the Search bar for website. It helps the users to find the material from your site. For Example: if your Blog contains more than 1000 pages, it would be too difficult to find required material. That is why we use the Google Website Search bar. It searches the material in your site only. There are different styles and designs of Google Custom Search Engine, can be found easily. We can make it of our own choice.

Why we use Google Custom Search Engine instead of any other

As we know that Google is the most powerful Search Engine at the time, we can not assume the power of Google. There are different templates which use the default Search Boxes, but there result is not as powerful as Google. And we can create a Custom Search Engine easily. Here are the Steps given to add a Search Engine to your site.

Steps to Add Custom Google Search Engine in Blogger

Step 1:   Login with your Google Account >> and go to Custom Search Engine.
Step 2:   Now Click on “Create a Custom Search Engine”.

Step 3:   Enter your Site URL.

Step 4:   Click on “Get Code”.

 Step 5:   Copy all the Codes.

Step 6: Now go to Blogger >> then Layout >> then Add a Gadget >> then Choose "HTML/JavaScript".
Step7:   Paste all the Copied codes there and Save it.

You have successfully added the Custom Google Search Engine in your Blog. To learn more about Blogging tips and tricks and SEO tips and tricks or do you want your blog SEO then go to our other Articles. More you work hard, more you will learn. Stay with us to get more.

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