Friday, April 24, 2015

How to make usb bootable by IT TUTS

How to make USB bootable .? friends as you know that we can install windows from USB(Universal serial bus) and today we are going to learn it. Because you can easily install windows from it and it takes less time as compared to DVD or CD. There are lots of Methouds to install windows from USB but friends today it tuts 2015 is going to teach you a very simple way to install windows. You can easily install windows in 5 to 10 minutes from this methoud.

How to make USB bootable Step by Step.

First of all friends you need a software which is windows 7  USB DVD tool. if you have internet access then go to Google and then type then name of this software and press enter. Lots of results show to you by Google go to any website and download this software  . After all install this software on your computer . And then download any windows from then internet. Open this software and then select your windows file. Note always disable yours antivirus before doing this work. When you select yours file then format yours USB. After formatting yours file is start copying to USB. When copying  complete  restart yours computer and then go to boot menu. After this select USB and in this ways yours windows is starts installing and also it takes very less time as compared to DVD. When Iinstall windows 8.1 pro with USB it takes only 7 Minutes for installation.

Benefits of Bootable USB.

  • You can install windows from it.
  • Windows installs very quickly as compared to DVD.
  • And also windows cannot give you any error message.
  • Also installing windows  from USB save lots of time and Money.
  • You don’t need to buy any DVD or CD for installing windows.
I will hope that you will like my post .if you have any confusion about this topic please use the comment box below or watch the video tutorial.thanks for visiting IT TUTS 

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